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You know there has been a lot of companies that are now making gaming inspired leggings, but they have either been for new games or older games that everyone knows about and got a free trial on their old phones. So why don’t we bring in some older, lesser know games that look great on leggings.

Bubble Bobble leggings and Wonder Boy leggings

Materials: Polyester, Spandex
Unique size (Fits S and M)
Measurements(taken flat):
Waist: 62 cm
Lenght: 90cm
This item does stretch!!
See all the printed leggings in our shop!

If you have any doubt we will be happy to answer it : )

These are both 58.00 with free shipping, and for the store being loacted in Buenos Aires for my followers that don’t live anywhere close that’s a really good deal.

You can also look at some of her other merchandise here at her eatmeclothing store

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