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as of 5/16/2014 this blog has going into Hiatus mode. sorry i don't have the motivation to update any longer. it was fun while it lasted (✿◠‿◠)

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Since I see that people enjoy these shoes, here is the second set of these sick shoes from SuperBitKicks for $50.00. This time Mario inspired!

SuperBitKicks’ Shop Announcement
My methods for printing shoes are completely unique and I invented my own methods. The shoes rock and the images will last for the lifespan of the shoe. I have done extensive experimentation to make a product that I am pleased with and confident in selling. Shoes are $50. Buy some! :)

And don’t worry ladies, he also has women’s shoes too, but then again just size down a little so the men’s shoes fit your fee-ties. :)

Princess Zelda

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

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Little sister is all grown up!

Purchase this Sister of Adam tank at Cherry Sauce Clothing. They are running out fast, smalls and extra larges are sold out, but don’t worry there are still mediums and larges left. 

click here to purchase or just look


Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

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Claire-Valkyrie Armor

Final Fantasy XIII

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Purchase here.

£60.00 GBP
Approximately $96.09 USD

These adorable little cream leather brogues are bound to turn heads when you wear them! They are covered with toad stools and are a bubble gum pink and sky blue colour scheme. They even have matching blue laces!

They are a UK 4, US 6.5 and a Eur 37, and brand new. The inner lining is leopard print and they have comfy padded soles.”

She also does custom orders too, give her a message if you would like some of your very own custom designed shoes!

$46.50 to $50.50
This white pullover hoodie features the many expressions of Pikachu!
Pick it up HERE!

Be Priv Game T-shirt Exclusive To ASOS UK

This product is exclusive to ASOS and is only available to buy here.